Veteran Audio Legend David Wise Composing Snake Pass Soundtrack

Speculation has been running rife over the past few months, but it’s finally time to put those speculations to bed. It gives me the greatest of pleasures to announce that none other than veteran audio legend, David Wise, is behind the soundtrack for Snake Pass.

That’s right, the same maestro behind such classic video game music as Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox Adventures and Battletoads is now composing the original score for Snake Pass. Be sure to check out the snippets below!

‘We make dreams come true’ is a phrase we’ve been jokingly throwing around the office over the last few days, but in all seriousness, this really is the case when it comes to Snake Pass’s creator and designer, Seb Liese. It has been Sebs dream from day 1 to work with and have David compose the music for Snake Pass.

“Snake Pass is inspired by the classic Rare collectathon platformers of the N64 era, so getting David on board for the soundtrack was imperative to complete our vision”, said Seb Liese, Creator of Snake Pass. “His sunny, tropical compositions blend perfectly with the slithery gameplay. He’s truly a composer of rare talent indeed...”

Enter...David Wise...

This is the part where I probably embarrass him just a little bit and tell you the tale of David’s very first trip to the Sumo studios. As we all crammed around a desk in the Snake Pass meeting room, Seb was evidently distracted and whilst he tried to maintain a professional composure, he could hold it no more… In an explosion of enthusiasm, Seb leaped practically across the table to where David was sat greeting him like a long-lost friend. “I cannot, not do this! I’ve listened to your music for 25 years. I can tell you every track and hum every song to perfection. I grew up on your music. It’s amazing to be in your presence. THANK YOU”

A slightly startled David was taken back for a second and responded with a slightly confused “Ok…” And thus began our wonderful relationship.

“Once I played the game and saw the captivating world Sumo created, it set my mind on fire. I immediately began composing melodies, then worked with the team to develop these and nail down the feel of the soundtrack,” said David Wise. “We’ve ended up with something that not only pays tribute to the game’s classic inspirations, but also brings something new to the table, just as the game’s mechanics do!”

                             We've been working with David since early September and every meeting has been a blast

                            We've been working with David since early September and every meeting has been a blast

Let's not forget the little guy

Oh and before I forget: the team just want to give a big shout out to the guys over on NeoGaf who were speculating about our composer during the recent Nintendo Switch announcement! Although a very accurate guess, that naturally raised a few eyebrows, (Oh yes…I received many concerned text messages) we totally believe credit should be given where it’s due. The music used in our previous trailers and livestreams was actually composed solely by Dom Parker, one of our sound designers here at Sumo.

Needless to say, he was more than flattered you guys thought his track was written by none other than Mr Wise, but hey, now the world knows the truth. We still love you guys though <3

- Snake Pass Team