Sumo Digital Birthday Bash - STEAM FLASH SALE

Hey Everyone,

The 2nd of June is a special occasion for everyone here at Sumo Digital. Why? Because it’s our birthday and this year marks a whole 14 years since we first opened our doors as a video game development studio. That’s 14 years of working on some of the biggest and best titles, bringing entertainment to millions of people across the globe. Sssuper!

That leads us nicely on to our next point. Although we’ve been developing games for 14 years, this year also marked a massive milestone for ourselves as a company that we’re all incredibly proud of. This year we released our first original title and that title was of course Snake Pass, a game that wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful as it has been without all of your support!

With that said, whilst we’ll no doubt be chowing down on birthday cake to celebrate the day, we wanted to share some of the festive cheer with the rest of the world too! So, that brings us to our mini announcement.

We know there are plenty of Steam players out there that have been waiting for that right moment to pick up Snake Pass, so…

Starting on June 2nd at 6pm GMT / 10am PST and ending on June 3rd at 6pm GMT / 10AM PST, Snake Pass will be on sale on STEAM for a whopping 50% off.  


This is the first time that Snake Pass has been discounted on any platform! it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up the game and jump into Haven Tor this weekend.

Sound good to you guys? Awesome!

We look forward to seeing you guys slithering around and Thinking Like a Snake real soon!

- Snake Pass Team