PAX-ing our bags with preorders

Hey Everyone!
We’re here once again with another little update from the world of Snake Pass!

PAX-ing our bags…get it?

First up, are any of you heading to PAX East? You are?! Well, guess what? So are we! That’s right, after a fang-tastic week over in San Francisco for GDC, our next stop on our US tour is PAX East in Boston, MA. For the first time EVER we’ll be showcasing Snake Pass on all platforms, which is going to be incredibly exciting. We’ll also be running our hugely popular sssspeed run competition that gives attendees a chance to win one of our hugely coveted Snake Pass shirts, as well as a few other little sssnakey goodies.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by our booth – B12108 and come meet the team! 

It’s getting breezy over here…

Next up, how about one more reveal trailer? Oh go on then.
To complete our elemental quartet, we’d like to introduce you to the AIR realm, the incredibly perilous fourth and final region of Haven Tor. An area not for the faint hearted, Noodle will have to use all of his slick serpentine skills to make sure he doesn't get blown away by the ancient winds that make this treacherous part of Haven Tor their home.

Pre-order on PlayStation now!

For those of you that have been asking ever since we announced our pricing, we’re pleased to announce that PlayStation Plus members can now pre-order Snake Pass on PlayStation 4. For the next 3 weeks, right up until launch – you’ll be able to pre-order Snake Pass with a WHOPPING 20% discount. Head over to the PlayStation Store – search for Snake Pass and rest easy in the knowledge that there’s only 19 days left until you’ll be slithering through the peaks of Haven Tor. Exciting!

As for all other platforms, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you guys either! Although we’re unable to offer pre-orders, we’re looking in to some other super awesome options we hope you’ll be just as excited about. We’ll have more details very, very soon. Hang tight!

That covers it for now! Make sure to drop your thoughts, love and hugs in the comments below
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-          James
Snake Pass Team